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Windows 2008 64 Bit R2 and SnapDrive 6.3 HELP !!!!!!


Trying to set up an instance of a clustered sql 2008 environment.

I have the LUNs all created on a filer running OnTap 8.0

I have absolutely no idea where to start to begin connecting the LUNs to the windows boxes.

The boxes are running windows server 2008 r2 64 bit enterprise version. Fiber is connected and the filer can see the HBAs.

Anyone help? Point me to a doc? A how to?




If you have the SnapDrive software installed - it can create the LUNs for you. So you would just need to have the volumes available on the filer. With a CIFS share created. Then, on the SnapDrive software, just step through the Create Disk options and it'll create and add the disk for you.

There should have been a UserGuide link available where you downloaded the SnapDrive software.



Download SDW from now site. Logon the iscsi initiator in your windows host, Under start menu you will have windows iscsi initiator, run that and logon initiator(connect). In SDW under transport protocol settings, add your filer with proper credentials (use http or https as the transport protocol). In SDW under iscsi initiators, iqn should get listed, now you can connect the LUNs that you already have on the filer by rightclicking on the host and say connect lun and follow the setps.




Thanks all but was able t get this installed and running after a few trials and erros...