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Windows/ Linux volume share


Hello, I have been asked to find out if we can share volume(s) created on netapp with multiple of windows and/or Linux servers. 



We have bunch of physical serves running windows and Linux OS. We would like to know if we can share the same volume (folders/data) between them.


The end goal is to have two vloumes created on Netapp and share folders to a VM running on Windws OS. 









yes you can.


However it best to determine first where these files likelly to be managed from. if it's from Windows client it's best to set the share on a volume from NTFS type and allow user mapping from from the NFS to NTFS. if it's going to be managed from a Unix host. it's better to create a UNIX type volume and Map Windows users to a Linux user.


The reason i think it's best to chose based on the management machine is that it#s likely going to be more convenient to manage the individual folder/file permissions from these. and tools like unzip will work more Nativity on these.


After you creating the volumes and shares (as you would do to any use). you will have to create the mappings between the users. for the NFS it's sometime make more sense to manage the access via IP list. and map all the users to a local "windows" guest account.


Please be careful from using the Mix-security-mode. sometime it look like the right thing - but it's not. (trust me. there very few use cases that it's right to use it)


if you need more help or references. please also provide the Version and ONTAP mode you are running and how do you usually manage your filer (SSH/System manger).



Gidi Marcus (Linkedin) - Storage and Microsoft technologies consultant - Hydro IT LTD - UK


Hello Gidi, 


Thansk you for your respornce. The files will be managed from Windows 2016 server (VM). Can you please guide me how i can share the volume(s) between windows and linux servers. I use System manager to manager the filer  


Model: FAS2554
Version: NetApp Release 8.2.4P2 7-Mode