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XCP nfs3 error 22: invalid argument


Hi all,


Does anyone have an explanation for this error while syncing and how to solve it?

Command executed:   xcp sync -id orascratch_1 -parallel 12


WARNING - 66630 xcp sync batch (compare batches) nfs3 SETATTR 'nfs_source:/source_path nfs_target:/target_path/vbhd1vp1_schema_expdp_02.dmp' mode 00777, uid 2947, gid 2
00, size 4410769408, atime Fri Nov 20 18:41:30 2020, mtime Fri Nov 20 18:50:24 2020: nfs3 error 22: invalid argument.


Thanks a lot in advance.



I have see this error before. It may or may not be related to the following but worth mentioning.

The assumption is that a previous sync that crashed did send the RENAME command but did not manage to add this information to the index before the crash.


For more information, please follow 1172885 Burt.


Check the destination volume security style. Normally we expect it to be the same as the source.


vol show -vserver SVM_NAME -volume VOLUME_NAME -fields security-style

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