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XCP nfs3 error 22: invalid argument


Hi all,


Does anyone have an explanation for this error while syncing and how to solve it?

Command executed:   xcp sync -id orascratch_1 -parallel 12


WARNING - 66630 xcp sync batch (compare batches) nfs3 SETATTR 'nfs_source:/source_path nfs_target:/target_path/vbhd1vp1_schema_expdp_02.dmp' mode 00777, uid 2947, gid 2
00, size 4410769408, atime Fri Nov 20 18:41:30 2020, mtime Fri Nov 20 18:50:24 2020: nfs3 error 22: invalid argument.


Thanks a lot in advance.



Check the destination volume security style. Normally we expect it to be the same as the source.


vol show -vserver SVM_NAME -volume VOLUME_NAME -fields security-style


I have see this error before. It may or may not be related to the following but worth mentioning.

The assumption is that a previous sync that crashed did send the RENAME command but did not manage to add this information to the index before the crash.


For more information, please follow 1172885 Burt.