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cDot 8.3.2 CIFS machine account access


Hey Guys,


I currently migrated from 7-mode to Clustermode and I am running into some CIFS issues. On the 7-mode box, I joined the vfiler to AD and then ran: cifs access SHARE -m to allow the machine account access to the shares with no problem. The customers application is set to where the member servers of the domain use machine account: SYSTEM in a batch file ran at bootup to persistenly map the drives. The issue I am having is that is is asking for a password for SYSTEM when it tries to map. This didnt happen in 7-mode and I've yet to find the cDOT mode variation. I can connect to the shares using other domain accounts and I went ahead and added SYSTEM with full control to the shares with no luck. With SYSTEM being a local account and not a domain account I imagine this could be causing some issues? I have a ticket open with Netapp but maybe someone can point me in the right direction.







For Clustered DataONTAP 8.3 File access management guide for CIFS refer



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