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esx and NFS , ifgrp 1g to 10g without any downtime ??


Hi there


got a customer using ifgrp with 4 X 1g ports as following  e0a and e0b is vifA  ; e0c and e0d is vifB ,then a second level ifggrp is configureed as vif2 with members vifA and vifB (as seen below)


customer had bought 10g switch and filer has e1 and e2 ports as 10g, Can we migrate this production environment to 10g ifgrp without any downtime ??  (Vmware ESX is mounted with some datastores from this filer  )


By creating a new ifgrp with 10g eth cards ,and adding it to existing ifgrp ??


Thanks  a lot.






You can add new interfaces online. To remove existing interfaces ifgrp must be down. You can prepare /etc/rc for next boot and takeover/giveback to free old interfaces.


according to your explanation, i gues we can do it without any downtim.The process must be in the following steps i think


1-create new ifrgp consisting of new 10g interfaces

2-edit the /etc/rc file accoding to the planned new ipconfiguration (remove the ip adress from the old ifgrp , and assign it to newly created ifgrp and then interchange the ifgrp names with each other)

3-perform a takeover from the other controller

4-reboot the controller 1 and afterwards perform giveback

5-then if everyting is OK , do the same on the other controller



am i right ?