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.exe file loosing its permission settings, no permission tab available, file also can't be executed/copied/deleted


Hi everyone,

hope this is the right place to ask for help with mentioned situation.

Basically we're having a netapp storage configured with CIFS shares and after going through quite huge data migration (few TBs of data) we run into this situation with one particular file, which seems strange as we haven't been experiencing anything similar with any other file stored on the same device.

The file doesn't seem to be infected with virus as we're using the McAfee's Netapp file scanner which doesn't show any infection on this file in its log. Also the file doesn't show as locked in console.

We're using Windows based security set up with domain security groups. After opening Properties of this file from a windows based server/client it doesn't show the usual tabs, but only the tab General. There's no security tab, Previous version tab nor Summary tab.

The file can't be manipulated in any way, when we try to execute it we get an error msg saying You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item. When trying to delete it, it also says Access denied. It's also not possible to copy it somewhere else. If it's deleted the hard way, let's say, it re-appears in quite short time in the same condition. Once we managed to remove it and upload different version of this file, while it was ok, users could run it and it didn't become in-accessible after 4 days the situation happened again and the file is corrupted again. I have to say I have no clue how the file is designed, how exactly it works, but this kind of issues weren't happening when it was sitting on Windows based server.

Has anyone of you guys seen such behavior??

Thanks a lot for any clues...






     Assuming this is a 7 mode system:

     Please run qtree security /vol/<VOLUME>  or /vol/<VOLUME>/<QTREE>(if you are using qtrees)  as this really sounds like you have created a CIFS share, but the security style on the qtree or volume is still set to Unix.



Hi Scott,

thanks for such a quick reaction. I believe it is 7 mode system, don't remember it well, I'm not the admin of this machine, but I know we're using qtrees and CIFS shares, but this particular qtree holds few more TBs of data which are not problematic like this particular .exe file. When I open Properties on any other file or folder, all the tabs are there as they should.

But I will certainly ask to have security style confirmed.

Update: here's what the storage admin sent to me: nasb1 qdepartments ntfs enabled normal