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exporting a volume and boot unix machine out of that vol


i would like to know whether do we need to change any settings or edit /etc/exports file inorder to boot one of my unix machine out of netapp vol

/vol/vol1  -sec=sys,ro,,,anon=0



I'm curious how you're booting over NFS....


we are using absolute symbolic links to point to the root directory.

we are having issue pointing on the backend.

Is there any way where i can edit the volume options or create a file under etc and manually enter the mappings like.

map /dir1/dir2/../../boot/*  /vol/vol1

( the above works for CIFS but i am looking for NFS )



I'm still not sure what you're trying to accomplish.  As far as I know, you cannot boot over NFS - the NFS client doesn't run at that level.  The OS - some OS - has to be up for the client to make the NFS connection.  Are you trying to boot via PXE/TFTP or similar, then point the client at an NFS image to use for / or as an install image?

You shouldn't need to do any mapping - you should be able to specify the share explicitly.  That being said, there ARE some behind-the-scenes mapping options in /etc/exports.  From na_exports(5):


          Specifies the actual file system path corresponding to the

          exported file system path.  You can use this option to move

          files to new locations without requiring NFS clients to

          mount new file system paths.  The actual file system path

          you specify must exist. You cannot specify an exported file

          system path that consists of a single forward slash (/),

          which would mislead some automounters.  Note: NFSv4 clients

          will not see an exported path using the actual option unless

          the export path is only one level deep and is not /vol.