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fas8020 cifs and iscsi


Hello we are currently replacing a Compellent SAN with a Netapp FAS8020 with dual port 10 GB nic ports and 2 controllers.  For our Compellent we setup up two seperate Nexus 5500 switches with 1 iscsi vlan per switch and nothing else on the switches.  With the new Netapp we have run into a question if we should setup CIFS on the same 10 GB ports that we are using for ISCSI or if we should configure the CIFS to run on two of the 1 GB ports?


Thank you



It depends on the throughput needed and also what can be pushed on the 8020... For most cases I would run all over 10Gb... requires separate LIFs and since already running VLANs you are separating traffic.  Create a separate broadcast domain (same IPspace is fine) for each VLAN, turn off ip fastpath, disable flowcontrol...I also like separate SVMs for each protocol too SAN and NAS...not required but separate them since you can.