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What is the best way to configure iSCSI configurations under Windows?


i'm trying to find the best iSCSI configuration under Windows, where the storage is a LUN on a NetApp FAS 8.3 Clustered Data ONTAP.

On the FAS cluster, that is running on 2 nodes. Every node has it own iSCSI LIF.


Under Windows I want to configure that it uses primary the LIF on controller 1, but when that LIF is down that it fails back to the LIF on the second controller.


The iSCSI configuration on Windows, when you create a Target, you can have different Sessions. When I add a second sessions (to the second LIF), you cannot configure the MCS (Multiple Connected Session) to use Round Robin With Subset (active/standy paths).


How do you configure you iSCSI paths on Windows?


any tips?






have you enabled MPIO feature?


This KB may help you to configure active-Standby configuration



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the MPIO feature is enabled. I have read the KB, but this is working OK when you have 1 source address (on the Windows Server), but I'm working with a FlexPod Express and according to the FlexPod documentation you should have 2 iSCSI NIC's on the Windows Server. 


The KB wants to setup a Fail Over Only load balance policy but that policy has only 1 active link and in my case 3 standby links. I'm trying to get 2 active links (to the LIF on the Controller where the data AGGR is located) and 2 standby links to the other LIF/Controller.



The KB wants to setup a Fail Over Only load balance policy


This KB says "All load balance policies are supported. Round robin with subset is generally recommended and is the default for arrays with ALUA enabled".