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iSCSI session already exists - warning


I receive the following syslog warning message about every 5 mins.  This occurs for multiple IP connected iSCSI sessions.  We do utilize MPIO in our environment.  Our hosts are running WinSrv 2012 and are configured with two Broadcom 57810 SFP+ NICs.  NIC team has been created using at least on of the interfaces from each card.  NIC team is set as LACP with Hyper-V Port for load balancing.  NetApp MPIO DSM has been installed on hosts as well.  Hosts connect from 2 different NIC teams via iSCSI to multiple vFiler units (basically two IPs using 4 physical interfaces from the host to one iSCSI target portal address).  Vfiler interfaces have been created from an interface group using e1a and e1b on the filer (FAS2240).  Filer is currently running Data ONTAP version is 8.2P3.

Mon Jun 23 18:43:46 GMT [sys_mgmt_01@A-DEV-FAS-01:iscsi.warning:warning]: ISCSI: New session request from initiator, a session from this initiator already exists.

Has anyone seen this or know how to correct the issue if needed?  Or can it be safely ignored?




looks like host is trying to re-log in , check for MTU size conflict  on all adapters including hosts, switches and storage controller


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deepuj, thanks for your reply.

Our Cisco 5548 switches are configured with MTU @ 9216, FAS2240 MTU @ 9000 and Hosts are set with MTU @ 9014.

Any ideas?