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multi proticol Unix sec and NTFS cifs permission issues


Hay guys 


Got a problem that I'm currently stump on scenario as follow;


7-mode Unix user accounts to be migrated to cmode cluster 8.2

Current config on the volume is unix based and there is a cifs share that allows these unix users to access there user data when logged into windows.


These users are being migrated to a clustered 8.2 vServer via snapmirror, I have created the vol with unix permissions, broken the snapmirror to allow testing of the data in the vol and testing has proven that they can access this and permissions are set correctly.


On the cifs side however testing has proven that their profile data permissions are incorrect and are either not able to access the security settings of the profiles or they do not show the user/owner security details via windows.


From reading this would be due to the need for multi protical config to allow both unix and ntfs permissions depending on there login requirement.


Are you able to assist in relation to the process for configuring the multi proticol security optins on cmode 8.2