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multiple vlan on vif


Based on tr3479 the best practice is to keep NFS and iscsi on separate subnet,

I have a FAS2440 with three interfaces and I do not think it is better to split the interfaces for multiple vif instead I want to create a single vif with three intefaces.

vif create multi vif0 –b ip e0a e0b e0c

then create VLAN

vlan create vif0 101 106

is there any advantages of doing that? becuase the both traffic are going to end up in same interfaces.



The advantage is that you are aggregating bandwidth.  Instead of having to decide how much bandwidth to dedicate to each network, you create an aggregate and then let the protocols utilize the pooled bandwidth as needed.

You can compare this to flexible volumes on a NetApp aggregate.  Rather than dedicating spindles to different workloads/applications, create a pool of spindles and then allow the application to utilize the available IOPS as needed.


Thank you for your reply,  Does the vlans help ?

Why can not I send all the taffic to single vif instead of creating vlans for each protocol, does netapp do trunking when I create VLANs on single vif ?