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"Random" nfs permission denied


Hi ,

FAS270 was setup as NFS & CIFS usage for 7 years. there are around 60 Solaris/Linux clients accessing it all the time

We never change any setting of client or FAS270 but it have very random and rare accessing problem in some specific Solaris client computer

When problem happen suddenly ,I key-in " cd /home/data" then it show "Permission denied" even I restart Solaris computer many many times

Suddenly it succeed to access /home/data ,sometimes it spent one hour ,sometimes it spent few hours to fix the problem.

I even don't the how to fix it or what's the root cause.

I really need your idea or suggestion of this problem.Please let me know if you need any more information.





Hi Albert,

there are a few reasons why this could be happening ...

to start tracing down the problem :

what security style is set on the Filer for this share ? (NTFS | UNIX | MIXED) ?

if you run a "ls -al /home/data" , what are the set permissions ?

who is logged onto the solaris machine ( i.e. "whoami" ) , and does this user have the appropriate permissions ?

Who else has access to /home/data ? is an application accessing this export and modifies the permissions ?

what is the location exported as ? i.e. in the /etc/exports as "root" , ro, rw etc ?




Hi ,

doesn't seems permission problem because as Albert has stated that suddenly he is able to access /home/data .If this is permission issue he should never be able to access that .


in general, yes .... It can however happen that some application is using the share and alters the permissions , or if MIXED security mode is used , and a CIFS user connects, the ACLs from CIFS will replace the Unix permissions, in which case the export goes haywire ...

To find the root cause, some more background information is needed , also :

it could be , and this is a _could_ , that a user connects to the /home/data and runs a cown command , for whatever reason, maybe to stop clients using the share simultaneously ?


Hi Friends,

Very thanks your kindly help ! But I found the root cause and here is the status

We used  Linux computer as a router to control the IP address mapping & routing but one of our people just replaced the HDD (backup from other Linux computer) and forget to put the correct IP address mapping so it have IP address confliction problem. Because the phenomenon is very very wired that is why we can to find the root cause immediately.

Thanks !!