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set an alias to CIFS share on dataontap 2240


Hello everyone,

We have recently carried out a migration of a Windows Server 2003R2 to DataOntap 2240. The shares have been migrated on a volume / vol1/xxx.
We need that the volume is accessible from windows with the (old ) path \ \ xxx, such as prior to migration.
It's possible to set the alias to the volume XXX? Any suggestions?

Thank you in advance




Check out the cifs.netbios_aliases option (which, to my surprise, is deprecated in 8.1:

           Provides  a  comma-separated list of alternative names
           for the node.  A user can connect to  the  node  using
           any of the listed names.

           This command is deprecated.

           System  administrators  are  encouraged  to write CIFS
           NetBIOS aliases to the file /etc/cifs_nbalias.cfg (one
           alias  per  line). Use the "cifs nbalias load" command
           to cause the node to process the /etc/cifs_nbalias.cfg
           file.   For  more information, see the CIFS chapter in
           the System Administrator's Guide.

So if your original fileserver\share is \\fileserver\share, create a share on your copied volume named the same, which would be available at \\filer\share.  Then set a netbios alias on the filer for "fileserver".

This assumes that you're retiring the old fileserver.



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