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setting NTFS permissions on a root share which is hidden





I'm hoping I can get some help with this.  I have a share that is a hidden share that is set up in Netapp 7 mode as "xxxx$".  I need to change the NTFS  permissions on the root of this share, so that all the subfolders will inherit.  I have permissions set  correctly in the netapp gui, but since the share is hidden, I can't see it when I \\netappnodename.  I can browse directly to it by typing it in, as with any hidden share, but then I can just set permissions on the subfolders.  I want to set permissions on the root, but I can't see the root b/c it's hidden.  There's got ot be a way to do this, right?



Why dont you just rename the folder and remove the "$" sign which make it visible 

then set the permission you like..  then again rename the share to make it hidden again..


Remember.. makeing a hidden share by adding "$" sign in share name is not netapp's trick.

its by microsoft windows propery.


hope that help.