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simple networking with failover



have 2 filers , each with 4 , 10 gb nics . i don't want to use any lacp or ether channel . just want to have the following setup

e0c - cifs / multiprotocol with e0e as standby

e0d - nfs only with e0f as standby

what i need to do make them as standby interfaces ? so if one fails , other takes over . Along with that if the filer fails the other node takes all the the cifs and nfs traffic .

this is what i have done

ifconfig e0c ip netmask

ifconfig e0d ip netmask 

ifconfig e0e ip netmask  partner e0c

ifconfig e0f ip netmask  partner e0d

is this the right way ? is there a better way to configure them with out using the lacp or ether channel.



You would create a single mode Ifgrp then ifconfig that Ifgrp. Do an Ifgrp create single for the 2 interfaces in the group


like this

filer 1

ifgrp create single ifgrpSTD01 e0d e0f
ifconfig ifgrpSTD01 ip-add  netmask

ifconfig ifgrpSTD01 partner ifgrpSTD02 

Is this going to provide the failover betwen e0d and e0f ?


Correct. Ifgrp status will show which interface is active and passive. You can also "Ifgrp favor intname" to specify which you want active.

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