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statd process on filer taking up cpu


I've upgraded my filer from a 3020c to 3050c. After the upgrade, the 3050c cpu is running higher than before the upgrade.

I've rebooted the filers and still the same thing. After further research I discovered statd is running @ 26% cpu.

There is no nfs on this filer. Can anyone explain what this process is or does? and how to reset it.




I assume you found the ps command in ONTAP. Please be aware that the output is not intended for end users. I have found over the years that many of the thread names do not necessarily reflect their function so a thread called statd, may be doing things other than statd on an NFS system. Also, CPU % is not always a good indicator of filer performance as ONTAP has many background threads that will kick in when protocol usage is low and back-off when user activity comes in. So the fact that the CPU may be running higher may have no impact at all on serving data.

Just some observations I've made about ONTAP.


Hi Adam...

Thanks for the response. It's unusual that before the head swap the cpu was under 10% and after the upgrade the cpu is sustained @ 35%.

I've got a case open with netapp, but wanted to see if anyone else has experienced this issue.