Network and Storage Protocols

vfiler dr configure for alternative destination


I'm trying to work out if this is possible:

Filerone has a volume called 'vmware'

Filertwo has a volume called 'vmware_snap'

Snapmirror is working and all good

How can I tell the vfiler dr configure command that the volume it's looking for is vmware_snap and not vwmare?

it looks like it's -a but it doesn't work so I'm a little stumped. If it's not possible then that'll certainly answer it.

vfiler dr configure [-l remote_login:remote_passwd]

                [-e interfacename:<ipv4-address | [ipv6-address]>:<netmask | prefixlen>,...]

                [-d <DNS-server-ipv4-address | [DNS server-ipv6-address]>:...]

                [-n <NIS-server-ipv4-address | [NIS server-ipv6-address]>:...]

               [-s] [-a alt-src,alt-dst]



The volumes must be the same name on the source and target system (also the IPspace must be the same -- even if different networks the network assigned to the same IPspace name).  If you have a duplicate volume name issue on the target contorller, then we usually rename the source and target to the same unique name "vfiler_volname" for example... that can affect some shares/mounts... cifs shares will point to the new target automatically and if nfs autoexport is set it will update /etc/exports for the rename - although nfs clients will need to remount to the new target /vol/volname ... or as a workaround to not have to change the client use the "-actual" option in exports to keep the mount point name the same old volume name which points to a renamed volume.