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Discuss and ask questions about NetApp's Operating System, ONTAP, and its data protection features and plug-ins.

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Hello, do pardon me if I'm not expressively clear with my situation. Quite new to NetApp and the Powershell CLI.   So I was trying to initiate shutdow ...read more
I've been trying to get some helpful support from NetApp for over a half an hour for a software upgrade. I've had dropped calls (2), cutoffs, put on h ...read more
In stead of using LIF,  for instance, "vserver-lif1", if I use an IP address "", will it gets failed to the other node in case of something ...read more
HI All     I build a OnTAP simulator lab server and want to collect audit log... so I create a CIFS volume to let user place their data (eningeering), ...read more
Hi,   We check NetApp KB refer "Solaris LUNs cannot be resized due to their partitioning scheme" as below.   https://kb.netapp.com/?title=Advice_and_T ...read more
Hi there. I've reviewed the following link, but have a unique (surely not) problem. https://kb.netapp.com/Advice_and_Troubleshooting/Data_Storage_Soft ...read more
We have 5 different 4 nodes clusters running an at the moment and almost in every cluster the disk ID's are different. For example in one they are the ...read more
Hello;   I want to update our FAS 2240 to the newest cdot 9.1P20 Image. so i downloaded the image successfully: Software get http://.../91P20_q_image. ...read more
Have an interesting issue regarding recovery of an faulty ONTAP Select node.   The issue is that we have an Ontap Select node where the root aggregate ...read more
Hi   Have a FAS2620 running ONTAP 9.3. We need to send the Event logs to a location using a non-standard port, 5514 vice 514. Can that be done? The co ...read more
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