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2 x FAS8040 single in the same Enclosure. one running ONTAP 9 another running ONTAP 7-mode 8.2.5


Hi friends.

I´d like to know if the following scenario is possible:

I have a single chassis with 2 FAS8040 working as HA Pair running ONTAP 7-mode 8.2.5

The intention is to migrate to ONTAP 9, with additional disks, but using one of the FAS8040 CPU´s.

To accomplish that, I´d remove one CPU from the 7-mode HA-pair. Lets call this CPU as "CPU-B".

So, at this time, CPU-A serves all data on the 7-mode environment. CPU-B is disconected, both in the same chassis.

Disconnect all cables connected to CPU-B. Recable CPU-A to single

Modify the ha-config parameter on chassis to non-ha, if necessary (will be necessary to enter in maintenance mode)

At this point both CPU´s are isolated each other, but in the same chassis.

Then I install ONTAP 9 on CPU-B with new shelves bought by customer. Cable the shelves and install the ONTAP as a single cluster.

Then I start copying the data from 7-mode CPU to Cluster CPU (using 7MTT or any other method).

When finished, reformat the CPU-A with ONTAP 9 and join it into Cluster CPU-B to restabilish the HA-Pair in C-mode.

Anyone knows if this is possible? Or maybe some similar procedure?

Thanks in advance,


Roger Ivo



In the same HA pair, i'm going to say, no.  


There's a copy-free transition which is kinda like what you described but requires new heads and not really for the faint of heart IMHO.     - https://docs.netapp.com/ontap-9/topic/com.netapp.doc.dot-7mtt-cft/GUID-85E96D13-B32F-4445-B658-7C7D0AA3997E.html 


I've done this conversion before for customers, and we got swing gear (heads, disks and switches).   
Went something like this ->  
Deploy loner heads as cluster as a switched cluster.  

Migrate to it.    
convert FAS8xxx to ONTAP (cdot)   

Join it to the existing cluster.  
vol move data over.  
remove/decom loaner gear. 
convert to switchless cluster.