ONTAP Hardware

2552 HA with smaller disks


For the following config does this make sense ?


1. 18 x900GB,10K SAS HardDisk (Internal mounted)


2. Disk shelf DS4246 enclosure  12 x 2TB 7.2k6G SATA HDD




1. Create a single Raid Group of 12 and 18 Disk each 


2. Assign to a 2 x large aggregate for each disk type


3. Connect a each controller each for sas and sata respectively as active/standby


4. Enable ADP


Logic is to increase disk space capacity.

We could change this later as we add more disk



What ONTAP version are you running?

Generally, initializing the system with root-data partitioning (ADP) will get you excellent storage utilization.

You could temporarily disconnect the external shelf when initializing the nodes with the SAS disks. The root aggregate will stay on the SAS drives.


At first glance, having one node host the SAS aggregate and the partner node host the SATA aggregate would work well.

Ultimately, the storage performance differences between SAS and SATA need to make sense for your planned workloads on these aggregates.