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3240 Across Cabinets


I have an issue in that our service provider for cabinets will not support our own cabling between racks.  All cabling must be completed by them and is dedicated between racks.

The issue is, we are looking to implement a number of DS4243 disk shelves this year but we also have a limitation on the amount of power per rack and to ensure expandability we need to split the heads and shelves over 2 racks.

My question really, is it possible to put in dedicated structured cablingbetween cabinets or do the devices need to connect directly to each other.  Currently we have 19 DS14MK2 and these are all connected by Fibre but the new disks are obviously connected by SAS cables which are totally different.

If anybody can provide any insight or ideas I would be most grateful.




You can use FC-SAS bridge to utilize provider optical cabling.


if your racks are next to each other, then surely the provider would install a suitable SAS interconnect? The maximum SAS cable length was 5m any further, then its a FC-SAS bridge.