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7 Mode Transitioning CIFS Volumes



I am working on a new project for transitioning 7 mode CIFS volumes to Cluster ONTAP using 7MTT for a banking sector.

Appreciate if you can help with the below query. We have a 50TB CIFS shares in FAS2040 7mode system. We have one free port in each 7 mode controller.

  1. Can we dedicate this free network interface for 7Mode Trasition migration to AFF A400?
  2. What is the approximate time that can take to migrate 50tb data on CIFS volumes to AFF A400 using transition tool. (Please note, Its 1G port on 7Mode and 10G port on AFF).
  3. All the windows security level permissions on the qtree shares will remain same after transition on AFF A400?
  4. All the Share level permissions will remain same after transition on AFF 400?
  5. There is two highly critical CIFS volumes which is using for International Money Transfer. So if this is down means all the bank is down. So we need to minimize the cutover window
  6. So Users are accessing shares on 7Mode using the controller NETBIOS name (\\NAFS\share-names ). The same path will be remain same when user reconnect after the transition done?
  7. Do we need to setup the CIFS server on AFF400 with the same NETBIOS name (NAFS) before the transition?




Suhaib Ali





1. Yes, this is configurable when you run the tool

2. Difficult to say  accurately

3. Yes

4. Yes

6. This is selectable when your run the 7MTT, but yes you can move over the same LIF and IP configuration, so mount path should be unchanged if you keep these the same.

7. I believe the CIFS machine account should be transferred too as part of the CIFS shares. You might need to recreate it after the fact but I'm not positive, and if so this is quick to do with just rerunning >> cifs setup. 


More details here.




Hello Suhaib,


Please refer to Darren's response above, and for Question 5, the migration can be done non disruptively if using 7MTT Copy Based Transition. The following document contains detailed information about the entire process, start to finish: