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ACP connecivity question to new DS4246 tray


Hi All


A slight amendment to the original question. It's regarding ACP connecitvity to a new disk tray.


My question is regarding ACP connectivity to the new disk tray. I have looked at the current configuration and notice that the ACP loop from the last SAS disk tray goes back into the FAS8020 to close the loop as expected. Can I continue the daisy chain from the DS2246 tray to the SATA DS4246 back into the controller? Unlike the SAS cabling there isn’t more than 1 ACP port per controller. So can’t create a new loop from the controllers to the SATA tray.   


I have illustrated on the attachment how I think the configuration needs to be. I have done a before and after screenshot.


Current ACP setup



Proposed ACP setup



Any help on this what I hope is a simple question would be most appreciated.


With regards to my previous question, I have installed the new tray and connected the SAS cabling only and can now see the new storage but I currently haven't created an aggregate yet for the SATA, I will do that once the ACP config is complete.





Interesting.. what do you mean you want the aggregate seen by both HA controllers... You can't assign an aggregate across HA controllers, you can split the disks up between controllers and assign 


Ok I thought I could present to both controllers.


I am guessing the way it setup on the current setup is the storage or disk trays are owned by one controller only.


Is there a way I can find out how the current setup with regards to Aggregates? As I would like to use the same type of setup for the new disk tray?


Can I find this information on a CLI command?





With regards to ACP connections is this required?


I currently have connectivity using ACP on our SAS disk trays from the controllers but haven't done on the new SATA tray I have put in.


I purposely kept the SATA Array seperate with regards to SAS connections, as I have already used the ACP for the SAS trays and completed the loop. Would I be better leaving it like this or continuing the ACP connection to the SATA tray? Would I need to continue the loop from the last SAS tray into the SATA tray? As all the ACP ports back the controller are already used as the loop ends back here.


Also with regards to disk ownership, we have a HA model as we currently have 2 disk trays, one controller manages one tray and the other controller, the other. With the SATA we have a half filled tray (12 disks). Would it be advisable to give one controller access to be the owner for all of the disks or would I be better of (for performance reasons) to split it and FAS1 controls 6 disks and FAS2 controls 6 disks? This will include a hot spare as well.


Is there any recommendations on these 2 queries I have.


Appreciate any advice anyone can provide on this.