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Adding a shelf to a FAS2020


We are a fairly straightforward user of the FAS2020. We utilize the iSCSI capabilities to connect the FC drives to our SQL and Exchange servers. The setup was pretty straightforward (running active/passive), but we are slowly running out of space. We were going to wait for the new SAS shelves, but I think that the combination of timing and pricing is going to send us back in the direction of a FC-SATA shelf.

The question I have is, how easy is the addition of shelfs to a FAS2020? I understand that I cannot mix drive types, but can I have FC-SAS drives in my FAS2020, and add a DS14 with FC-SATA drives in it? DS14MK4?

Will I need to shutdown my Netapp when I make the addition?

Is there a document on doing the upgrade that i am missing?

Any help in this area would be greatly appreciated!





The addition of an additional shelf will be very straightforward. Since you have SAS 15k rpm drives internal to the unit, you will want to purchase a DS14mk4 Shelf with Fibre Channel 15k rpm drives. You can add this shelf to the 2020 while it is online. Just be sure to connect the shelf to the FC ports on the controllers (one from each) and be sure they are active (they should be by default) before you power on the shelf. After power up, the drives should show as spares immediately and be ready to add to the aggregate.

(You would not want to add SATA drives, in this scenario).

I hope this helps.


Hey Mike,

I have the same situation:

FAS 2020 with 12 x 300 SAS drives and Im looking to add a shelf but dont want to use 15K SAS Disks in the shelf because then I would run out of space again very quick.

You wrote that he will want to purchase a shelf with 15K drives that sounds like he has to use 15K drives but im not sure.

Can I add a shelf with normal SATA drives to FAS2020 with SAS drives or not ?

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you can add both, DS14Mk2-AT-FC-X S-ATA shelves as well as DS14Mk4-ESH4 FC shelves to a FAS2020. Just fyi, you can NOT add any sort of SAS shelf to your system as the FAS2020 does not have a SAS port.

You can add up to 4 additional shelves for a FAS2020. If you attach them with single cabeling, you can even mix, internal SAS disks, external FC disks and external S-ATA disks.


so it depends on the shelf I buy what kind of disks I can use ?

the DS14Mk2-AT-FC-X S-ATA can handle SATA disks only ?

the DS14Mk4-ESH4 FC can handle SAS disks only ?

in any way the shelf has to be connected to the FAS via FibreChannel or  ?

I dont understand what you mean with:

Just fyi, you can NOT add any sort of SAS shelf to your system as the FAS2020 does not have a SAS port.

Kind Regards and thanks for you quick respond.




correct, you need to have the right shelf type for the disk type of your choice and you cannot mix disk types in a shelf. Usualy the local netapp sales representative takes care of that when you request a quotation.

In both cases, S-ATA or FC, it will be attached with FC cables.

About the SAS stuff, NetApp now sells shelves with SAS technology, called DS4243 or DS4246 shelves, you cannot use these with a FAS2020.

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Okay lets say I buy a shelf with 14x500GB SATA Drives... do I loose the half (capacity of 7 drives) for Raid DP/Spares and so on ?

how much capacity would be available for usage  ?


I think 500GB disks are not available anymore, so lets just go for 14 x 1 TB S-ATA.

You will have

1 Spare Disk

2 RAID6 Parity Disks

11 Data Disks

this will give you about 7,6TiB netto useable capacity in a new aggregate aggr1.


would you keep you hands off refurbished shelfs ?

I dont really want to pay 20.000 USD for a stupid shelf.

refurbished shelf cost about 5.000 - 8.000

Some one told me that even if a buy a new device the disks are most likely refurbished....


If the shelf comes with service, seems fine to me, e.g. a disk is more prone to failure due to being older, you need to be sure someone will replace that one.


thanks thomas, I think all my questions are answered.

kind regards,