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AutoSupports without an SMTP server in a secure environment


Hi All


Im sure this has been done before.

We have an airgapped estate without an SMTP server.


Getting Autosupports is becoming a real pain historically in 7-Mode with CIFS enabled i could browse the .ETC folder to the required Autosupport and copy it down.


But in cluster mode that approach dosnt work (at least not on our current estate).

I can open the webpage where the AutoSupports are retained but only download the contents of the Auto Support 1 folder at a time. which is obviously very very slow....


Is there a way i can post \ move \ copy them to an IIS server locatation...?

Whichever way it is done must be secure, I have tried browsing to the AutoSupport directory using WinSCP but access is blocked.


Any help much appreaciated





The cleanest way would be to "restransmit" the AutoSupport you want (you need its sequence number) to a local .7z file - then using the SPI web interface (HTTPS) to copy it to a jump host.

Details are in KB 1029812: How to manually send AutoSupport messages to NetApp