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Breath Life Into FAS3020


Good evening,

I have been tasked with getting an old decommissioned FAS3020 stood back up and running. We would like to factory reset it and basically start over with the array. I have been looking for documentation on the FAS3020 and I cannot seem to find anything. Can anyone point me to the FAS3020 documentation or provide some hints in how I would be proceed in this task.


Thank you all in advance...




connect with a serial cable to the filer,

power on the system

when ONTAP is booting "press ctrl + c"

now you come in the Mainanance Mode


(1) Normal boot.

(2) Boot without /etc/rc.

(3) Change password.

(4) Initialize all disks.

(4a) Same as option 4, but create a flexible root volume.

(5) Maintenance mode boot.

Selection (1-5)? 4
press option 4!
follow instructions
i meen  Y, Y
an you became many points on your display.
initialize all disk is finished the FAS running in the setup.
have fun


Thanks Dirk!!! I appreicate the response. Is there a link to documentation for the 3020? Not seeming to find anything...


FAS3020 support ended about 4-1/2 years ago.


You might be able to find guides on the Internet - try searching for "FAS3000 series".


We still have the installation and setup guide posted:



The ONTAP 7.3 Documentation Roadmap can help you with documentation titles that you might want to find...



ONTAP 7.3.7P1 would be the last valid release for you to run. There is some archived documentation available:

7.3.7 (NetApp Storage Systems) All documents  
Release Notes ( HTML , Acrobat )