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CIFS Access issue.


We are having a FAS6080 running on 7.3.4P4 version. the filer F is bounded to domain C and a new domain D has a trust with domain C. From the host whenver we try accessing the filer F with domain D id. I'm getting the below error.

\\F is not accessible you might not have permission to use this filer. We ar able to access other filers from the same host from same domain. Not sure y im hitting with this issue.


This option is set to cifs.search_domains  to D(new domain)

Please suggest. What all can be checked.





Is user mapping configured for a domain D? If not, do you have default Unix user on filer?


Otherwise there are deveral knowledge base articles that deal with it; just search for "trusted" on NetApp support site. You may want to check what is suggested there.

yes there is a user map to the id but still the access issue exists when ever i try to access the filer with the new domain \\D im getting the error.