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Can i have active-active in network layer, with two controllers in a Fas2020?


I have a fas2020 with two controllers
each one of them, is connected to a cisco 2960s switch.
Is it possible to have 2Gbit connection ? I know that i can have,
but if one of the switches fail, would the system understand it
and pass the traffic to the other controller which is connected
to the alive switch?
Do i need extra configuration on NetApp?

Thanks in advance...




you can't say that is an extra configuration. Multipathing is your solution for your problem, but you need DSM for Windows or SANPath or DSM for Unix

Also your question is very general and also difficult for someone to understand your environment. I can understand that a server or cluster servers is connected

with iSCSI (ethernet) because of 2960 Catalyst, but, how many paths is connected?


A common answer: Yes, system will understand it, if your cluster license is activated and cluster failover is possible.

More detailed answers you can find in TR-3802 Ethernet storage - most comprehensive and useul guide about using ethernet for storage appliances.

You can find it at Technical Library: http://www.netapp.com/us/library/


Yes, is a good document from NetApp, and a helpfull answer too,,, but if you read back in my replies and you need a quick response and solution for your problem you have to describe your requirements better and

explain the problem in depth. Another accepted solution is to create a new Virtual Ethernet Interface calling VIF and distribute your data traffic to the 2 network switches.