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Can i upgrade the MB firmware and DOT 8 with just one reboot?


Hi there,

We are about to upgrade our controllers from DOT 7.3.5 to 8.1.2P4 to take advantage of 64-bit aggregates.

I notice that the MB firmware is now not included in the DOT 8 install package and is meant to upgraded in another/seperate install.

As this is happening in our production environment, I am trying to minimise the downtime/outage to our client (as we have 100+ controllers).

We have MB firmware that is behind the recommended version (but not by much) and I would like to upgrade the MB FW while i am doing the DOT upgrade as well.

My question is - can i install the MB firmware and the DOT upgrade and then do one reboot of the controllers only. I do not want to have to install the MB FW reboot, and then do the DOT upgrade and then have to reboot again a 2nd time.

Has anyone done this? Can anyone answer this? If so much appreciated.

Hardware: FAS3140, 3170, 3270

DOT version (current) 7.3.5 & 7.3.6

DOT version (upgrade) 8.1.2P4

MB FW (current) FAS3140/3170 - 4.4.0, FAS3270 - 5.1.1

MB FW (upgrade)  FAS3140/3170 - 4.5.0, FAS3270 - 5.2.1




Firmware is part of Data ONTAP, but it may not necessary be the same version you want (and to my best knowledge there is no documentation which Data ONTAP version includes which firmware). You can update it in one reboot. When installing, first install Data ONTAP, then firmware, otherwise Data ONTAP installation overrides it.


Hi and thanks for your reply.

I have been told that the MB FW is not included in the DOT upgrade and even the Upgrade plan I have generated from the NOW site tells me i should upgrade the MB firmware independently (which I find strange if indeed the MB firmware is bundled into the Ontap upgrade).


Hi Andrey,

I recently discovered this page which documents which DOT image contains which firmware (and also which versions are compatible amongst each other).


Ah, right, I forgot about it. Thank you!