ONTAP Hardware

Can onboard FC and\or SAS ports be used to connect tape library?


We are looking to purchase a FAS32xx series and will be connecting a tape library to one of the controllers.  We have not decided on SAS or FC connection so hopefully someone can help me decide.  If FC do we need to purchase a 2 port FC card or can the onboard ports be used.  If SAS, well... can be connect SAS or not to the NetApp?



Onboard FC can be used for tape drive connection. Some SAS tape drives are supported (check on NetApp site or with your reseller), but as you likely will be using SAS disk shelves, you will need extra SAS HBA for it. There are only two SAS ports on FAS3200 and they are required for shelf connection.


Thanks aborzenkov, I always forget about the system configuration and compatibility matrix manuals. Yes, we are getting the extra SAS HBA cards for the controllers for the two stacks I will implement.