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Copying files between old and new NetApps FAS servers



We have an old FAS270 filer which holds 23 million files linked to a FileNet Image Services ECM system.  We have recently acquired a FAS2040 which comes with a new set of disks.  During the time we have had the FAS270 the company has sold off many of the products that the 23 million images relate to so we only need around 4 million of the remaining images. 

For the FileNet IS system to work the files have to be in exactly the same directory structure as they are at present.  I was thinking of writing a program to determine which files to retain then simply copying and pasting the 4 million required files in the equivalent of a XCOPY operation.  However our operation support team say it's not so easy because the 'Snaplock volumes are locked down', not sure what this means.

Does anyone have any experience of copying a sub set of Snaplocks from one set of disks to another?





Hi, isnt it possible to use Snapmirror for the Transfer?


Apologies for my ignorance but I know very little about NetApps devices.  Does SnapMirror allow a subset of the files to be copied, or if it copies all the files can some of them be deleted prior to Snaplock being activated?


Snapmirror copies data on volume or qtree bases. If you copy them to an other Snaplock Aggregat then they will be exactly the same. Sorry but with Snapmirror it is not possible to select individual files for copy. My fault 😕


Wow, I wouldn't want to be in your shoes.. You're going from a 9 year old box to a 5 year old box.  What OS is on this box?

Also, what is the snaplock policy on the data? 

Does the new 2040 have drives that are snaplocked aggregates?  If so, they are useless if you don't need snaplock


The FAS270 box was bought in as a replacement for a Kodak optical juke box WORM drive used in conjunction with FileNet IS system.  It was chosen for 'none-repudiation' purposes because the SnapLock prevented files being deleted or tampered with.  The new device has to continue with the same setup. Problem is we no longer have the legal right to hold most of the data held on the older device.

The current FAS270 is running Version and has 8 volumes and 2 aggregates with 27 disks.  The newer box has not been used setup yet.


Sorry, wish I could be more helpful, but yo uare literally working on SUPER old technology.  Going to a 2040 from a FAS 270 .. God, I don't want to be in your shoes.. Plus you are still running 7.2.x.. ugg..

But, if this needs to exist, you need to work through the compliance piece, are you running snaplock enterprise or complaince mode, Also, You can snapmirror do a non compliance volume and robocopy will work for your subset and then set your compliance up

My heart feels for you man...


There is no way to get around the snaplock. I have tried many things in the past and the short end is that those blocks are locked down until the compliance clock runs out.

Good luck.



i think you can copy the files with ndmpcopy. Ndmpcopy creates a filedump of the source data an transfers it to the destiation box. You can copy the entire volume or just a directory/file. Because of Snaplock works with the fileattribute, last accessdate, the files on the destiation will become locked again. Just have a look at ndmpcopy at the man-pages.