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DS2246 configuration error


Hello friends


I have a DS2246, which my old manager changed user and password and IP network ports.

I try the discovery tool to detect ip, to return to factory configuration, but it does not detect the DS2246.
Using wireshark I detect the ips that change in ranges of 169.254.75.xx or 169.254.127.xxx
Using Putty console to detected IDs asks for password and user, I tested by default admin/netapp!123, but it does not work.

I tried to turn it off and on, but it doesn't discover the DS2246.

What can I do to go back to factory setup and then do the normal setup?

PD:sent photos of the controllers
Thank you for your help or advice



if we're just talking about what's pictured... All  you have there is just a disk shelf with IOMs.  there is no controller in there.    


The RJ-45 ports are for the ACP setup on a FAS and the wider ones are the SAS connections back to the controller.   


Check out this install guide for an older FAS2552.  https://library.netapp.com/ecm/ecm_download_file/ECMP1609081


Under section 3b,  you'll see a controller cabled to shelves.    


Do you have anything else?   

I think I understand you...

By connecting the cab to the server's sas controller, the server configures the disks from the same server controller...

Is that so?

What do I need for it?


thank you for your help

It needs some kind of controller(s) attached to it.    Preferable, connected to some kind of FAS system running ONTAP.    But there are folks that homebrew it to a sever.  Reddit in /r/homelabs has a some posts on it.    I've not ever personally done it. 


But that really is just a shelf with disks.    The IOMs are just IO.  the ACP ports are a mgmt interface of sorts.   


To be clear, the only official devices you can SAS-attached to this DS2246 shelf is a NetApp FAS or AFF storage system.


Thank ya