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Discovered Setup system validation Error


Hello Dear community.

Im newby for NetApp world. So appologize in advance if my questions would sound stupid for you.

I have an old decomissioned FAS2220 storage and decided to use it for storing some media files.

When I tried to do basic setup configuration via NetApp System Setup Ive got this error message, and cant go futher.

Both discovered controllers giving me this error. Does anyone knows, how to fix it and what is the root cause.






FAS2220 sounds like a old filer (end-of-life), I last came across it in 2013, must be Data ontap 7-mode ?

Anyway, you mentioned it is decomissioned - Do you have any information about 'what level of decomissioning was done' ? was it simply shutdown keeping all the config as is, including IPs. Or was it simply wiped, if so then HA is not configured (licensed etc) ?


If you cannot reach your filer via ssh@e0M address/Management IP, then the only option is to pysically connect to filer via Console connection and power-it up and see what is it come up with ? That's perhaps the only way you can get to a state from where you can go through initial setup and re-configure it as the way you want it for personal use.




Agreed. I'd get a console cable and plug that in if you cannot get CLI connectivity. You may have to push CTRL+G or CTRL+D and enter a few times to get a prompt.