ONTAP Hardware

Disk firmware upgrade for x480_HMKPE04TSDB





I am dealing with conflicting information.


When I run config advisor,  I get this


"Disk and Shelf Firmware Update

These 334 disks have outdated firmware but firmware is included in Data ONTAP. Disk firmware is bundled with the Data ONTAP system files and updated automatically during Data ONTAP upgrades.

334 disks of Model X480_HMKPE04TSDB

Recommendation :Unless special instructions are provided against specific drives above, you can download the latest disk firmware from the NetApp Support Site (http://support.netapp.com/NOW/download/tools/diskfw/) and update it manually; doing so is a prerequisite for major nondisruptive upgrades.

These 98 disks have latest disk firmware.

24 disks of Model X441_SS161100BSM
1 disks of Model X422_SLTNG600A10
2 disks of Model X480_HMKPE04TSDB
71 disks of Model X422_HCOBE600A10

Recommendation : No Action required.

These 22 shelves have latest shelf firmware.20 IOM6 Shelf Modules2 IOM3 Shelf Modules

Recommendation : No Action required.


But when I look at the disk firmware page on the support says, it says the Model x480_HMKPEO4TSDB does not need a fimrware upgrade.


Which is correct, the config advisor output or the disk firmware page?