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Dowgrade a new FAS8040 to 8.3P2 ¿possible?



im trying to downgrade a new FAS8040 wich cames with version 9.1P2 to a 8.3P2 version, but i've been only able to downgrade to version 8.3.2, whenever i try to boot from 8.3P2 i'm on a bootloop. From the HWU i understand that this is posible, but for sure that im missing something.


This is a new cluster so i did it through options 7 and 4 of the menu, install software first and zeroing/cleaning config.





Is it possible for your to post any log (the reason for reboot loop)


i have done this many time.. (may be not exactly to this version) but i dont remember having the system in a reboot loop.




i can attach something, i have the 83P2 on the backup image of the system, this is the output of the system console:


LOADER-B> boot_backup
Loading X86_64/freebsd/image1/kernel:0x100000/7951104 0x895300/4205960 Entry at 0xffffffff80171230
Loading X86_64/freebsd/image1/platform.ko:0xc99000/1987543 0xe7f000/288800 0xec5820/272560
Starting program at 0xffffffff80171230
BIOS version: 9.5
Portions Copyright (c) 2011-2014 NetApp. All Rights Reserved
Starting program at 0xffffffff80171230
BIOS version: 9.5
Portions Copyright (c) 2011-2014 NetApp. All Rights Reserved
▒Phoenix SecureCore Tiano(TM)  <----- then bootloops again and again
Copyright 1985-2017 Phoenix Technologies Ltd.
All Rights Reserved

and im attaching a file with the log.




Hi I have just ( 2 weeks ago) went through a similar situation with the support of NetApp. There is a few things that you first have to do however - This was the procedure we followed: Upload the software images to the http server downgrade the SP to a version supported by this version of DOT (we used this version: 03744_A0_FAS80X0_3.0.3P2_SP_FW.tar.gz -- SP firmware 3.0.3P2). We then changed to 7-mode, and went into 7 and 4. There is a few firmware upgrades / downgrades which it goes through, but eventually you will get there. Do not break the nvram upgrade / downgrade as t5hat will cause a boot loop stop, and you have to start over... Smiley Sad hope this helps - my feeling is that the problem might be that you have not downgraded the SP.


oh, sounds good! and makes all sense, im happy with the curent installed version 8.3.2P11, but maybe i ll give a try on downgrading the SP firmware.

Thank you!!


EDIT: i have some other FAS8040 wich are in SP version 3.1.2 and have 8.3P2 running, so after all maybe it is not the problem, but ill give a try if i can.


Hi, the version of SP software that is included in ONTAP 9 is incompatible with 8 - that is the reason for the downgrade.


Be careful...

You shouldn't have to worry about the SP version. The ONTAP version you upgrade/downgrade to will automatically do the same to the SP based on the version of SP that is bundled.

Also, 3.1.2P1 is exactly what you want for ONTAP 8.3.x

See: http://mysupport.netapp.com/NOW/download/tools/serviceimage/support/ServiceProcessorSupportMatrix.shtml


I have to ask... why do you specifically need to run 8.3P2?

Per recommended ONTAP releases at this time, 8.3.2P11 is the one you want to run for the 8.3.x ONTAP release family.



thank you for all the answers, some clarifications:


Just now, i've just downgraded to 8.3.2P11 without issues, but i was just wondering what was impeding me when trying to downgrade to 8.3P2, as this is the realease that most of our filers are on, so that's the main reaseon for trying to reach this version.


I think that i will stay on 8.3.2P11 as as you said, this is the recomended release of this branch from Netapp.