ONTAP Hardware

Dual controllers, different subnets


I'm working on installing an FAS2050 (iSCSI) in Active/Active configuration and am trying to determine if it's possible to setup the two controllers to be on separate vlan subnets and still partner with each other. The device will be connecting to two switches. Here's my idea:

Controller 1: Both nics are setup as vif1 on subnet 50.x, partners with vif2 on subnet 60.x.

Controller 2: Both nics are setup as vif2 on subnet 60.x, partners with vif1 on subnet 50.x

Can it be done this way, or is it recommended for both controllers to reside in the same subnet? Or if I'm completely off base, what would be the best way to set this up with the given information?



I don't see any problems. You must only see that you have configered a standby nic on the same subnet as the partner (like you try to do).