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Expanding Vol on a FAS 2240



I have a question regarding expanding a volume on a FAS 2240 running netapp release 8.1.2
I currently have a flexible volume of 1TB and I want to extend it to 3TB, would doing this require me to shut down my DB application/ un-mount and remount?
Or does this happen on the fly?

I do not have access to ONTAP and the CLI for doing so is

FAS2240>vol size vol +2TB

I'm not much of a storage admin, and I do need some feedback before moving forward.

Thank you!




Hello there, it depends on a few things... what OS is your DB server running? what is the presentation to the host? generally speaking increasing the size of the volume can be done on the fly with no downtime... but best to be sure... also what is the DB application? if it is a LUN presented from within the volume to your DB server then not only will you need to extend the volume but also the LUN which depending on OS and DB Application could cause concern.


From Data ONTAP increasing the volume can be done on the fly and no downtime required. Form the OS/DB point of view, it's depends on the OS / DB application and depend on the how they access to the volume (SAN or NAS).

To increase the volume from CLI you can use either one of the command to make it 3TB.

vol size vol +2t

vol size vol 3t