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FAS 2040 and DS 4246 connection



I am basically from EMC storage background and i need to implement the storage espansion of  FAS 2040 with one controller. Customer bought DS 4246 with 24TB capacity and i need to expand it with FAS 2040 storage.

I read many documents and confused about SAS connectivity and ACP connection,which one i should go with ? what are the things i should make sure before doing the expansion like is it advisable to do it on production time as it is single controller?

I am really confused on the storage provisioning also like aggregate and all those stuff.Could some one help me with the documents which explains the .storage provisioning.steps.Customer is using Ontap 7.3

Thanks in Advance




From official System Configuration Guide: “All NetApp single-controller systems are required to use dual-path connectivity with the exception of the FAS2040 using SAS storage shelves (due to the single SAS data port on the system).”

ACP (yellow)

SAS (red)

Connectivity for FAS2040 Single controller with Single SAS port. If there is only one Disk shelf, bottom IOM doesn't need to be connected.

ACP cabling is optional but not having or failure of ACP cabling doesn't interrupt the filer from serving Data. Its always recommended to have the ACP cabling as it helps to recover from Shelf failures, debug and identify the shelf module issues.

Refer Data ONTAP® 8.1SAN Administration Guide For 7-Mode, Storage Provisioning for SAN pg......... 8