ONTAP Hardware

FAS 3240


Hello All,


I have bought a used FAS 3240 from eBay along with DS 2246 hoping to learn how to setup and configure storage systems. The problem is I can not use NetApp support to download system manger  neither evaluation keys to go further with the configuration. At this time can anyone advice if there is anyway  I can use FAS 3240 for learning purposes ?







Hi there!


Thanks for your interest in learning to use NetApp systems.


The terms of our licenses are that they are not transferrable - so even if you had the original keys, you would not be permitted to use them, even for non-revenue purposes (however I would imagine there is some level of prioritisation of action and that would be pretty low..)


Unfortunately, the FAS3240 is a discontinued system and does not support our most recent operating system - ONTAP 9, so it would provide limited marketable skills, even if you had a license set for it.


If you do not already work with NetApp systems, I would encourage you to either try our downloadable simulator at https://mysupport.netapp.com/NOW/download/special/evaluation.cgi or request a test drive at https://www.netapp.com/how-to-buy/trials-test-drives/test-drives/ 




I've returned the NetApp systems and will try different brands