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FAS Power Load Balancing Question




I'm sorry if this has been asked before, but I can't find a thread on it.  


On HWU, for FAS and DS Shelves, when it shows power draw (amperage), that is for one power supply, correct?  If I have redundant power, I should expect that load to be balanced across the 2 PDUs?  The headings on the numbers and the "How are these measurements made?" don't exactly match, so I'm just trying to verify.


So for example, a DS2246 shelf with 12 x 900GB 10K SAS drives has a typical 1.6Amps at 110 Power.  In a normal redundant power configuration, that 1.6 is being distributed evenly across the two power supplies, correct? (assuming the power circuits provide the same load).  So ROUGHLY 0.8 amps per PDU?






Correct - stated load is split between all power supplies in a system. When one PSU has failed or is disconnected, the load on the remaining one will be doubled (or more - check the worst case values to predict)