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FAS2020 iSCSI Slow Network Transfer


Hello .I am new to netapp appliance so here is the question .I have a Fas2020 it was wth CIFS and becasue of the smb1 witch is obsolite i have ben asked to convert it to iscsi .After a long confusion about lun/cifs/qtrees e.t.c i manage to understand how to create the iscsi and add it to the file server with the microsoft initiator .I have initialize and formated the disk .So far so good .

So the problem is that now i am trying to transfer the data back and the network transfer is low at the point it gose stant still with some spike 16byte/s and then drops to 0/bytes and so on .We are talking about 6TB files i need to transfer, any ideas why after the conversion is so slow ?

I tryed with  virius different of file sizes to transfer them and and the problem is still the same.

Dose the aggreagate configuration impucts the performance ?I got 14  disks with 828gb and i made the raid 4 with one parity thats total of 7.5 tb disk space left .

Thanx in advance for your help.




Which network configuration do you use? Switches, Jumbo frames tec. ?


Thanx for the Reply .I manage to solve the problem eventualy .

There was a degradet disk and i am not sure if that was the reason for the slow tranfer .I replaced that one and then i enabled the jumbo frames both on Netapp and on the Server.