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FAS2040 Automatic shutdown sequence cancelled


My out-of-support FAS2040 says exactly once a hour "monitor.shutdown.cancel:warning]: Automatic shutdown sequence cancelled". No other messages are printed on neither console nor message -logfile. Only the other head does this, other head does not. Outputs of 'system health' and environment -commands do not reveal anything.



Obviously an automatic shutdown is cancelled, but what causes the shutdown and why it is cancelled?


Any indication of where to look is appreciated.




hwaltari -


The place to look is the syslog translator tool:



Unfortunately it doesn't say much about this message.


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Can you please run "ups status" on the system to see if it may have been configured for a UPS at some point?




Thanks for your suggestion. 

I got reply "'ups' commands not supported"


And if my memory serves me right it has not been never implemented, either. 


Please note that the version is 8.1.4 7-Mode


Thanks - just wanted to quickly check that.


Can you connect to the BMC and run "sensors show" and provide the output? and "environment status" from ONTAP.




Please see the attachments


This all looks fine.


Do you know when it started? Is it HA or a single controller, and is it logged on both controllers or just one?


My guess is a system sensors problem that asserts and then clears. Going through similar cases (this message on a FAS2040), it can happen after a power supply is replaced, or turned off and then on again - shutting the system down completely, removing power, then restarting it can resolve it in some cases, but in others a new system board is required. 


If you wish to post the contents of /etc/messages over an hour - so between when two warnings come up - may help narrow it down. Or may not - and even if it does, the solution is the same - restart, then replace system board if problems persist. Remember that all attachments are publicly viewable, so you may wish to remove or censor some information. 




This is a HA-pair, and the other controller does not produce the message. And frankly I do not have any idea when this has started. The filer is about to be decommissioned, just waiting for the last projects to cool down.


I'll try the shutdown-remove power units-restart -sequence.


Heres a fresh snippet of the messages


Tue May 2 06:20:32 EEST [dmnetapp1-2:monitor.shutdown.cancel:warning]: Automatic shutdown sequence cancelled
Tue May 2 07:00:00 EEST [dmnetapp1-2:kern.uptime.filer:info]: 7:00am up 934 days, 18:54 993035249 NFS ops, 69966330 CIFS ops, 0 HTTP ops, 0 FCP ops, 0 iSCSI ops
Tue May 2 07:20:32 EEST [dmnetapp1-2:monitor.shutdown.cancel:warning]: Automatic shutdown sequence cancelled
Tue May 2 08:00:00 EEST [dmnetapp1-2:kern.uptime.filer:info]: 8:00am up 934 days, 19:54 993035249 NFS ops, 69966474 CIFS ops, 0 HTTP ops, 0 FCP ops, 0 iSCSI ops
Tue May 2 08:20:32 EEST [dmnetapp1-2:monitor.shutdown.cancel:warning]: Automatic shutdown sequence cancelled



Sounds like a good plan.