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FAS2040 - Single controller to Dual upgrade path?


     So I have a FAS2040 with a single controller running 7 Mode

I'd like to add another and cluster if possible. I have not found any guides in the knowledge base that cover this scenario.

FAS2040 connected via fiber to a DS14 MK2 Shelf

Everything else connects via NFS to the FAS2040.

Is this hot-swapable? Can I just buy a controller and add it in? Do I need to take the entire unit down for this? I've read guides on replacing controllers in a HA pair and that seems easy enough. What about disk ownership after this, will I lose capacity instantly or will I have to play with ownership and set up my cluster as such and assign ownership of disks.

From the looks of other threads the controller needs to be on the same DataOn tap version, thats fine. And a reboot will be needed at some point.



Currently running 8.1.4 7-mode


You will be buying a used 2040 controller, since is EOA, and i'm not sure when it will go EOL.  DS14MK2 shelves are very old as well.  I think they are EOL last year.

If it's not broken, i would suggest leaving it alone and then working on getting yourself and update controller


Technically - you can add second controller, it is simple enough. You will need short downtime because both must be rebooted to enable HA. You will also need additional cf license for existing controller. And of course you will need additional hard drives for new controller.

From legal point of view - FAS2040 is end if sale, so there is no way to get it from netapp; and if you buy second hand, license is not transferable. So you really need to discuss it with your NetApp representative.


Good to know and will do.


Here you go: