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FAS2220 HA Version an 12 Disks. How Many Data Disks?



we plan to buy a FAS2220 in HA Version, but we dont know how many Disk in the System are Data Disks.

We plan to buy the Bundle with 12 x 900 GB Disks an set it up as a Active/passive configuration. The Documentation sais: In this configuration, the passive node has only a root volume.

How many Disk does he need for "only a root volume".?

And how many Data Disk are then available for the active node?





If you want to make most of the space

You should be seperate 12 disk

you should be assign 10 disk controller A

you sohuld be assign 2 controller B


you can create aggr0 with 9 disk ---1 disk is spare--total 10

aggr0 with 9 disk-------7 data----2 parity--RaidDP

Controller B

you can create aggr0 with 2 disk

aggr0-1 data-1 parity disk-- no spares Raid4---But not recomended  (on root volume )

if you want right config

Assign 8 disk  to controller A and create raiddp aggr with 7 disk and its also inculede ( 5data-2 parity ) and 1 spare  total 8 disk

assign 4 disk  controller B  create raiddp aggr 

aggr0- 3 disk (1data-2 parity)- 1 spare