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FAS2240-4 with controllers in standalone mode


Hello all.


We have a dual controller FAS2240-4 running ONTAP 8.3, with 1 controller (intentionnally) left unplugged.

We cannot use both controllers in a cluster configuration, because doing so requires a 10GbE interconnect, which on a FAS2240 can only be provided by the mezzanine card, and the mezzanine slot is already used by an FC card, for tape backups and more.


Anyway, since cluster mode won't work, is it possible to have both controllers running in standalone mode ?

Will I be able to make use of the ADP root space left on the internal drives ?

Or will I be able to totally disconnect the secondary controller from internal storage, and use some DS14 shelves that I have hanging around ?


The ultimate goal would be to have the secondary controller running 7-Mode for OSSV backups until NetApp comes with an OSSV alternative for Cluster Mode.

Does it sound totally crazy, or can this be achieved in a safe way ?



With the HA interconnect (internal in the shelf chassis), I don't think it would ever be supported to have both 7-Mode and cDOT.. but might be worth asking the account team to file a request (engineering PVR) to see if supported...but again, don't think it would be approved.  I would run cDOT on the single node and get another chassis to run the other controller in 7-Mode on 8.2 since there is no 7-Mode in 8.3.


I don't see anything in the documentation that says you can't use ADP root partitioning on a single node.  If you're not running ADP currently, you need to unassign all the disks, then run special boot option 4 to zero the disks out.


Before connecting DS14s, check the hardware universe hwu.netapp.com to confirm support for both the shelf, esh/at-fcx modules and drives.  Only ESH4 and AT-FCX are supported but confirm for disk type as well.