ONTAP Hardware

FAS2552 and AFF8020 Cluster mode


Hello guy, 

I have alot of Question to ask pls help me


1. i have a FAS2552 with dual controller (HA) , then i have 4*10GbaseT right  2*10 for cluster and can i use anather 2*10 for DATA and make it load balance share CIFS only and i have 20G for DATA right, or just i can use 1*10 for data only


2. FAS2552 and AFF8020 can cluster together and use NAS single name splace for perforrmance and throughput ? or can use just one of them 


3. then if FAS2552 and AFF8020 cluster (all have HA dual controller in single Chassis) when client request data what port client can use only one 1*10G on one controller use or all of client can use all controller 


FAS2552 with SAS 1.2*24 and 3 external shlf 

FAS8020 with SSD 400G*24

thank a lot.