ONTAP Hardware

FAS270 Initial boot problems


whenever i boot up my fas270 i get an error about a core memory dump and my /etc/rc folder gets deleted and i am unable to boot ontap. i have tried reinitializing it and all my disk are relitively new as they have never been used before today, if anybody knows how to fix this problem plz let me kno



Did you get *right* Data ONTAP version?

FAS200 was a different platform and processor type (MIPS-based), than other (900,3000,6000, etc - Intel-based), and they need a special type of ONTAP distributive.

Did you select 'FAS270' right before downloading it from NOW website?


Yes i am running ontap 7.0.5 on it, well trying to but it wont work fully. If i go through the initialization process and install it at the end it will work until my fas gets rebooted or loses power and i dnt have the time to rebuild it every time that happens, not to mention that i cant afford to lose any data that might get stored on that fas seeing as it is on the secret side of our network.


If you're getting coredumps either post the full error message here (otherwise we can't help) or (recommended) open up a case with your reseller or with NetApp to have them analyze the dumps