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FAS270 network module turned off



This week all of a sudden we started to see disconnected mounts from the NAS. Looking at the logs I see

Thu Oct 20 16:00:00 GMT [raon-netapp1: kern.uptime.filer:info]:   4:00pm up  1 day, 16 mins, 366015 NFS ops, 0 CIFS ops, 0 HTTP ops, 0 DAFS ops, 0 FCP ops, 0 iSCSI ops

Thu Oct 20 16:00:00 GMT [raon-netapp1: statd:ALERT]: Cluster is licensed but takeover of partner is disabled

Thu Oct 20 16:32:43 GMT [raon-netapp1: cf.fsm.firmwareStatus:info]: Cluster monitor: partner halted

Thu Oct 20 16:32:44 GMT [raon-netapp1: cf.nm.nicViError:info]: Interconnect nic 0 has error on VI #4 SEND_DESC_ERROR 2

Thu Oct 20 16:32:44 GMT [raon-netapp1: cf.nm.nicTransitionDown:warning]: Interconnect link 0 is DOWN

Thu Oct 20 16:32:44 GMT [raon-netapp1: cf.rv.notConnected:error]: Connection for cfo_rv failed

Thu Oct 20 16:32:50 GMT [raon-netapp1: cf.fsm.partnerNotResponding:notice]: Cluster monitor: partner not responding

The network module LEDs are all off and the network activity LEDs are not flashing.

If I power cycle the appliance or re-seat the network module, it starts to work ok for a day or so.

After re-seating the module ....

Thu Oct 20 19:31:56 GMT [raon-netapp1: cf.nm.nicTransitionUp:info]: Interconnect link 0 is UP

Thu Oct 20 19:31:57 GMT [raon-netapp1: cf.fsm.firmwareStatus:info]: Cluster monitor: partner kernel loaded

Thu Oct 20 19:32:33 GMT [raon-netapp1: cf.fsm.partnerOk:notice]: Cluster monitor: partner ok

Thu Oct 20 19:32:33 GMT [raon-netapp1: cf.fsm.takeoverOfPartnerDisabled:notice]: Cluster monitor: takeover of raon-netapp2 disabled (partner booting)

Thu Oct 20 19:32:35 GMT [raon-netapp1: cf.fsm.takeoverOfPartnerEnabled:notice]: Cluster monitor: takeover of raon-netapp2 enabled

Thu Oct 20 19:32:35 GMT [raon-netapp1: cf.fsm.takeoverByPartnerEnabled:notice]: Cluster monitor: takeover of raon-netapp1 by raon-netapp2 enabled

Thu Oct 20 19:33:17 GMT [raon-netapp1: monitor.globalStatus.ok:info]: The system's global status is normal.

Does anyone know what is going on here. Any help will be appreciated.





The cluster interconnect... which is implemented over Gigabit Ethernet but internally inside the DS14mk2 shelf.  Since reseating fixes it but it comes back, sounds like a hardware issue.  Either in the controller or shelf (shelf is passive so more likely the 270).  If you have support it would be worth an RMA on the controller.


Thanks, Scott.

I'll try to get in touch with NetApp and see if someone can come and look at it.




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